Report of the State of Online Marketing in the General Contractors Industry

State of Online Marketing in the General Contractors Industry

What is the State of Industry for General Contractors Online Marketing?

State of Online Marketing in the General Contractors Industry: Keep reading and you will see the state of the industry report a bit further down, but to start with I found lots of place for improvement and so saying also lots of space to gain rankings for loads of keywords searched more than 500 times per month.

First things First

Below you will find a state of industry report compiled by IBISWorld now you are only looking at a snapshot of the industry at large, but I do think it offers a good overview of what is happening in the industry today.

State of Online Marketing in the General Contractors Industry

State of Online Marketing in the General Contractors Industry

My aim with offering this free report is to show general contractors just what they can expect to face when they start planning their online marketing campaign. The report was compiled by the top 3 ranking companies for each of the keywords chosen, those keywords are; Construction Services USA, carpenter company, core construction & general contractor.

If you are looking to breaking into this market you should know that is far more competitive than what it might seem at first glance, but that being said there is so much room for improvement that anyone that takes the SEO and digital marketing serious for the general contractors niche online will reap the rewards and dominate the rankings in just a few short months.

My aim today with this post is not to drag out a lengthy post and completely bore my readers to death with unnecessary data that will not mean a thing to their daily action plan, but rather to get straight into the nut and bolts of the State of Online Marketing in the General Contractors Industry.

Without further adieu here is your State of Online Marketing in the General Contractors Industry Report

We analyzed the biggest brands in General Contractors to show you who is doing a great job with their internet marketing efforts and who needs a bit of help on the journey…


Now what I see when I look at this report is a volatile market and if you have ever looked at buying shares then you will know in a volatile market there is money to be made and the same goes for ranking on Google’s first page. The pages with high numbers are broad based article sites and not focused on the industry at hand and the guys on working in the industry and ranking is taking the piss of the traffic they are getting with low conversion factors, almost no trust factors to speak of and clearly no interest in social signals of backlinks for their respective businesses.

Anyway, that was my 2c’s about the state of the industry for online marketing in the general construction niche.

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