How To Sell High Ticket Consulting With Authority Positioning



Hey guys, my name is Daniel Daines-Hutt or you’ll find me in the forums as “Jabba”.

I joined Marketing Inc. in 2014 and started an agency making around 3k per month doing SEO etc for smaller clients.

In the last 5 months I niched down and started to really push the authority model or as Jay Abraham calls it “The Strategy of Preminence”.

Basically becoming the authority and expert for your audience (not industry) who gives away 99% of everything as free value in advance.

So what happened?

  • After 15 days and our 2ndblog post we hit 50,000 visitors…
  • The post was shared to and was their article of the week, was shared by Ryan Deiss, Sean Ellis, Neil Patel, GrowthHackers,, Digital Marketer and many more.
  • …Within 40 days we made around $45,000 USD.

Holy crap right!?

Our setup fee now is around $10,000 USD or higher with a $30k option available.

In the next 12 months we should see around $137,760 from client work alone, not including bonuses from percentage of sales.

  • I’ve been on private jets and all kinds of crazy things in the last 5 months, but 3 years back I worked in a surf shop.
  • 6 years back I was homeless sleeping on a friends floor at the bottom of his bed until I got my shit together.
  • The plans I have in place when we hit them should make me around $1.4 Million in 2016 which lets be honest is pretty damn crazy when you’re just getting started.

But there is NO reason why you can’t do the same.

I procrastinated on it for ages but don’t worry because everyone does.

You get scared and over analyse and don’t take the required action but thats the thing…

You just need to take the action because the problems you imagine and the things you worry about are far worse in your mind than will happen.

I read every marketing and sales book I could find-books that are 60 years old or more and you know what I found?

The same patterns and systems to get great results….

You just need to follow the updated systems and do the work as it’s laid out in this course.

If you follow the methods there is ZERO reason why you cant achieve the same thing.

It’s not easy but it’s damn easier than selling to $500 per month clients over and over.

(I had more cash in my Paypal then I could actually transfer in my account … yeeeeew!)

So in this guide I want to give you a few things:

  • How to become the authority for your audience to name your price
  • How to pre-frame the service so your offer is a no-brainer to your customer
  • How to create kick ass content to build links for your business and value for your prospects
  • How to lead the conversation in the first enquiry
  • The pre sale call to see if theymeet your standards
  • The proposal document to seal the deal

So Why Become The Authority?

It can take between 5-12 interactions to close a sale…so why focus all those interactions just in the followup?

You see theres just 3 parts to selling anything really

  • The pre-frame of the audience
  • The offer
  • The followup

I got fed up of chasing clients and so I decided to use interactions in advance:

It cuts down me chasing them and makes them chase me instead, and you can do the same.

By becoming the authority to your audience you can charge more per client, you create more leads than you can work with, and you can pick and choose clients.

You pre-frame the price and attract the audience.

And you close your offers much quicker and easier.


You don’t need to be THE expert on all of SEO you just need to be a perceived expert to your audience.

But Dan I’m not an expert!

Look, you will always feel fear to keep learning more and more but you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn from this course and how quickly you’ll learn so much more when you put the methods into practice.

You don’t have to claim to be the best on the world…but you no doubt know more or have more experience than your prospects.

And thats all you need…

The easiest way to let them know what you know (And prove you’re the authority):

  1. Give it away
  2. Give it allaway

By creating great content and giving away 99% of it for free to your audience, you build a huge amount of value for them.

They trust you and feel reciprocity towards you. They can’t help but want to pay you back in some way-usually by hiring you or referring you.

And building trust in advance like this is awesome because people don’t spend $500 or $5000 with people they don’t trust.

But the thing is this…

By creating that value and content on your site, you can also start to rank it with your PBNS, funnels and paid traffic etc.

So rather than just you and your service, your starting to give a lot of information away… and this information will help you to start ranking for specific terms that your audience might search for.

But what if they take the free information and dont hire me?

If I’m totally honest, if thats what they do then it’s fine.

  1. They would probably have never hired you.
  2. If they did they would want the earth for $500 and want it yesterday…

Let someone else deal with those people.

There are 11 million millionaires in the US alone.

There are more than enough clients to go around, and even more so who can afford your rates.

Higher paying clients are easier to work with, usually have a consultant for each area of their business and require less effort to either get results, or deal with each month.

And because of the Veblen effect – that people assume whats more expensive simply has to be better – then you’ll actually get MORE sales simply because you charge more.

Its a win win so you need to become the Authority in your industry.

In our 2nd blog post (a case study) we walked people step by step of how we created $18,750 in sales for a client with $114 ad spend.

We gave it ALL away, step-by-step in simple detail.

You know what happened?

  • 1 guy made $105 for a $6 ad spend
  • Another made 22% more sales …which was around $16,000 ADDITIONAL sales for his launch
  • And we had around 1,200 people sign up for our email list and get offers to guest post for a few DA 65 PA 59 sites
  • While 2 other people complained about the images not being dynamic or the article being too long…

No one competed with us, no one stole the information and we had 12 people get on a waiting list for a $10k service…

Because we attracted the right audience and positioned ourselves as the authority.

And not by blogging our asses off and creating non stop content but with just a few strategic articles…

(In fact we don’t even have it all released or in place yet and we’re seeing sales!)

How To Become The Authority To Your Audience

There are actually just a few steps:

  • Position yourself as an authority by having a specific niche of expertise
  • Create compelling value driven content that is specific to the ideal audience and pre-frames their thoughts of you and your business
  • Make this content SUPER simple and focused on ONLY 1 topic per article
  • ONLY talk about this subject for at LEAST 8 articles so that you become known as the expert on that area (How many small blogs do you see who talk about EVERYTHING. Its quite easy to write a large number of posts on just small areas of your expertise if you needed to)
  • Don’t try and position yourself as the everything guy-focus as the one thing and be recognised for it
  • Show case studies of results which proves you know what you’re doing, but break it down step by step
  • Create a signature method for a simple process you use. This positions you even higher and its easy to promote
  • Get practice ranking your own site and write about it
  • Give away free value to potential clients if you don’t have any yet and use as case studies if possible (because case studies with walkthroughs convert INSANE)
  • Use content upgrades to collect emails to build your interactions and drive more trust

When we made our first big clients we only had 2 articles.

In fact we only have 3 articles on the site at this time…

  • You don’t need to go crazy with content
  • And you don’t need to include everything in it

Take Brian Deans white hat (and some PBN) approach over at

After just 8 articles on his blog about whitehat SEO he started to be seen as the authority.

He didn’t talk about ANYTHING else just in-depth SEO guides.

Because the content was well written and in-depth he started booking paid speaking gigs at major events.

Which then got him a ton of backlinks.

If you look at his skyscraper technique article its only 1600 words… yet it has 222 backlinks and the technique he named even started to rank now as a search term.

Its almost more step by step images and notes on each section than anything else….

This was great positioning and great value-but the article itself is simply:

  1. Find well ranked content
  2. Write a better quality version
  3. Promote it more

You see when you start to write content that positions you as the expert you’ll make sales.

You’ll cut down on the amount of conversations needed with a prospect and you’ll be able to charge higher prices (Simply because you cant work with everyone all at once, so higher prices filters them down) and you’ll attract leads to your content.

Heck if its well written and you build links to it it’ll rank and start to get eyeballs.

And the more it ranks the more people see it, the more people will then link to it again.

Brian Dean’s article wasn’t groundbreaking but it does meet all the criteria and the guys clearly smart. This is great positioning for him.

He says it takes him around 30 hours to write a piece of content like that but you don’t have to go in as much depth.

In fact you only need 1 or 2 good articles that can help show that you ARE an authority to help convert your customer.

I don’t even have a call to action for people to contact me on our site-but I do have a consulting page thats a few paragraphs talking about ONE key skill (You can do all kinds of marketing for them afterwards but definitely focus down when talking about it.

Once you have content that your audience sees as valuable, you’ll start to attract new emails and inquiries to hire

Step 1: How To Pre-frame The Service With Your Customer

So what is the pre-frame?

Without getting too nerdy the pre-frame is the perception of you, your business or your offer thats been altered before they saw it or heard of it.

Basically if you hear a movie is great before you go see it, the chance of you liking it is much higher.

Likewise if someone told you that a movie sucked and you went to see it, you wouldn’t like it as much.

Its because they enter the situation with an idea in their mind already.

In sales you can do this getting the prospect to start to think what you need them to think before they reach you.

I recommend the following content:

  • FREE advice and step-by-step guides
  • Case studies of previous results
  • A “signature method” step by step guide
  • Your Social channels, About page, Consulting page, author details etc to all reference your specific niche expertise ie “Speacializing in Automobile SEO”

It helps convert them and trust you but even better, it cuts down on the number of questions you get asked.

By the time they reach you, they don’t think your some scammy SEO guy who just randomly blasts out to anyone (I’ve had SOOOO many of those emails to me at our SEO agency website….do they even read the email they are sending to?)

By building the pre-frame you help to address objections but you also build trust, value, reciprocity and authority in advance.

This can be a HUGE difference when it comes the time to chat with them as a potential customer.


Brendon Burchard was a bad pre-frame for me…

I knew him through a few marketing forums but only ever saw him talking about self help. My first thought was a poor man’s Tony Robbins perhaps.

I’m not sure why but my framing of him was poor and so I doubted him.

Until I found out that the guy made $4.6 million in his first 18 months of business, has written 4 NYT best sellers, has numerous million dollar days since with some of the highest internet marketing numbers….

The guy is a freaking ninja.

He managed to change the frame of me by understanding what I needed to hear about him and me reading that content.

Thats right I proceeded to consume the content instead and it converted me to spend money with him.

And thats what you need to do with your interactions with your clients

You can do this over email or phone calls or Skype, but if you do it in your content before hand then you’ll freaking crush it.

And by delivering content in advance it helps to build up those 5-12 interactions and reduce the amount of followup before the sale.

In fact it works so well that those who call to hire you usually need very little interaction and the cash is in the account within 24 hours…

Step 2: How To Create Kick Ass Content To Build Links For Your Business And Value For Your Prospects So They Want To Buy

Writing content takes some time and practice but it gets easier.

Even better you can follow a template and rule approach.

I use Bob Stones copywriting method for planning out authority content.

(He originally used it for sales pages but it works well when getting people to read your valuable content).

Crap content wont get read and if they don’t read it then its wasted so take your time.

So here’s a template that I see a lot of marketers use.

Its NOT amazing but what it does it gets people to read your content ASAP and it attracts the right people, while seeming super valuable.

It also works well for case studies and step by step guides which are the main content that provides value to your audience and attracts organic links.


  1. Only write about the same topic. If its SEO then keep writing more guides on SEO. (Not the future of seo or what google is up to this week but how to actually do stuff)
  2. Position all content from YOURniche expertise.

If your the “Automobile SEO guy” then make sure even if your step by step guide is about setting up on-page SEO, that it features automobiles in it, the examples are unique to it and that it clearly shows an understanding of that industry and why your recommending specific parts of it

Make it so that automobile guys are attracted to it, and they also want to hire you regardless of what town you are in because to them you’re the god damn ninja they need.

Here’s a video to walk you through this:

Example Articles:

Additional tips:

  • Use images to break up spacing. It adds value (When not crap) and Snagit is a super easy tool for capturing them
  • Use simple short sentences and write as if talking to a friend in person
  • Break down the steps as much as possible and don’t skip the obvious steps

When I started writing content I spent around 40 hours on a 10,000 word article…and it was crickets.

When I shortened it to 3000-5000 word posts with mainly images and obvious steps I got so much good feedback and email optins.

So now you have a few examples and ideas of how to create valuable content the next stages are how to interact and pitch your prospects.

So these particular layout will give you a great template to write content that converts your audience.

But to really standout you need to be perceived as a thought leader, and the easiest way to do that is to create a signature solution or technique.

Step 3: Use the “Signature Method” To Gain Further Authority And Create A Point Of Reference

The Signature Method is basically taking a process and giving it a name.

Thats all there is to it…

But by having a method that you use people start to refer to it by name.

  • It starts to gain virality
  • It starts to position you as the creator of that method

We mentioned earlier the skyscraper technique by Brian Dean. A process of simply finding good content and making it better and promoting it well.

But that solution now actually attracts thousands of searches per month alone.

Its positioned him as an expert and has done far more than just a simple case study or step by step guide.

How to make your signature solution

Its actually really easy.

Just take a process you use and recommend for the audience and give it a name .

Solution, method, technique, hack, anything really.

Obviously if the name makes sense and can help position you then better but it doesn’t have to be.

The technique doesn’t have to be huge either or even anything world changing.

Brian’s was a 1600 word guide on how to find high ranking content and 5 steps to make a better version.

If you have a particular method or process simply write it up and give it a kick ass name.

(Added bonus this guide can be used for staff later as a standard operating training document).

We wrote a guide and gave it a solution method.

It has zero links built to it and yet its had around 500 social shares, it gets around 250 organic searches a month and got us 3 guest post spots and 2 podcast interviews.

(Which build links and again help us to position as an authority and note how they are using our niche expertise handle we created “Facebook Retargeting Expert”).

Don’t worry your signature method doesn’t need to be groundbreaking or innovative.

For Example:

You might have a method where you go through each page on a site and make sure the on-page SEO is perfect.

What would that look like?

  1. Pick the keywords
  2. Find similar keywords
  3. Go through the Yoast plugin and add them…

How to give it a sexy, signature name?

Well what are we doing? We are going through and doing a minimum amount of work to get maximum SEO results from each page

(I’ve seriously seen high ranking pages jump up in the rankings further by simply improving their on-page SEO for terms).

“The Min/Max Method: The Step By Step Approach To Get The Maximum SEO Results From Each Page You Create”

Easy mode.

The name says what it is and gives you a signature method to chat about.

Make sure you create a signature method.

Then in future when you’re building links you can refer to this again and again as a reference guide…

You can write it up as a step by step guide, you could even then write a case study showing results before and after for a client when you did this method (You’ll be surprised how much it will effect their rankings).

The thing is, even if it gives small results people don’t care-because it seems more realistic.

They think “I could go do that!”

Even 1 jump in rankings could mean more sales and traffic right!?

So now that you have your content sorted there a little bonus for you.

Step 4: Raise The Perceived Value, Build Trust And Reciprocity And Collect More Emails With The Content Upgrade

The content upgrade is a super easy way to get more email optins to your business.

By providing an upgrade to a blog post you give the reader more value.

You also get the opportunity to collect their email address.

This has 2 benefits:

  1. You can then email them to perhaps become a customer, or build the relationship further
  2. Those who have said yes to a smaller action are more likely to say yes to a larger action

So by getting them to opt into your email list they are actually more likely to say yes to you for a consult call or a sale….

And the best part is that a content upgrade can be easy to make.

We usually use:

  • A bonus video
  • A PDF
  • Some further details not shown in the post

You don’t have to make it difficult or huge. In fact if its a simple bonus that they can use immediately. The higher the chance you have of them taking it.

  • Don’tthink you have to create ebooks
  • Instead thinkjust add 2 steps to a guide and save it as a PDF

Nice and simple.

So lets show you how to create a content upgrade and install it with

Step 5: Presell In The Initial Response Email

Ok so now you have content in place, and you’ve positioned yourself as the authority.

Congratulations! I know it takes work but its seriously worth it.

The next 2 steps are the response email and the proposal.

Why a response email?

Quite simply you’ll start to generate more leads and inquiries than you can handle.

Simple supply and demand you’ve now become more valuable, irregardless if there is someone better out there, you are the expert and people want to hire you.

But here’s something that you will struggle with.

You don’t want to work with everyone…

Sounds crazy right?

Some clients can be a real pain in the ass, others are cheapskates.

But in reality there are so many hours in the day and only so many people you can work with.

So when your demand goes up you can afford to be picky.

Personally I prefer to make sure I choose who I work with based on if I will enjoy working with them.

If you have people working for you then its not an issue, but I generally liase with all clients.

So I use the response email not to offend anyone but instead to position myself further and also repel those tire kickers and cheapskates.


I have a simple response.


A potential client has emails me and is interested in hiring our services

  • I thank them (I may also ask the site name they wish me to work with in advance)
  • I let them know my current availability and waiting list(This builds further authority and scarcity-they now want to work with us more)
  • I let them know my fee and results(I don’t justify my fee I simply let them know standard results and state the price)
  • I let them know I like to have a 5-minute pre proposal chat first to make sure we are a good fit together (This helps to show there is no commitment in the call but also that I determine if we work together, and not them.)

This lets the potential client know upfront my fee, repels those who wouldn’t pay it and also starts the relationship off on the right foot.

Lower fee clients will call you at all day and night and want everything fixed and resolved-even issues that are nothing to do with what they hired you for.

By letting them know our availability pre call chat it shows we control the environment, and that this is a professional relationship.

Now to be clear: when I do start work with a client, I will go above and beyond to get their results.

This isn’t designed to be aggressive but instead professional.

I’m not having a pissing contest, just simply stating the facts clearly.

Top Tip:

Get an email address that is assigned to your domain name.

Example Email response

Hey Mike

Thanks so much for reaching out to me and thanks for enquiring about our services

I’m really glad you enjoyed the articles (The response has been great and we have had a HEAP of blog readers emailing after seeing more traffic already from using the min/max method!

Because of that we’ve have had a lot of interest in our consulting since then and so currently have a waiting list, but we can grab a quick call in advance if you like?

We actually do pre calls before writing a proposal, simply to make sure that our companies will work well together

Our starting fee is $10k USD but that covers:

Onsite SEO and optimisation

Ongoing SEO and link-building

Specific guest posting (etc etc you get the point here-its important to go into fine detail of what they get)

Like I mentioned before, we can grab a 5 minute Skype call and chat face to face to see if we can be a good fit first?



And thats all there is to it. If they reply for the call then chances are high they can afford your fee and will want to discuss what you can do together.

Step 6: Create The Professional Proposal To Wow Your Clients And Get Paid, Big Bucks!

After you’ve got a response from the email, met up on Skype and chatted through what you can do, the next step is to present a proposal to them.

I know we skipped the Skype call here but its covered in other areas of the course.

All you need to do is simply be yourself, chat with them and find out if you can work together.

Don’t agree to complete work out of your niche if possible as this shows you are professional and specialized to 1 area of expertise (It also makes your life much easier!)

The quicker you can get something across to them the better.

Which is why I’ve included a template below of what I use that you can modify for your own needs.